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You all know about, right? The Writer’s Colony? If not, check it out.


Topping the charts of Awesome this week is the buzz and twitter about National Write A Novel Month. Every november, people from all over the world swear to write  complete novel in one month. Many do… many do not. Which one are you?

Preditors & Editors

Sort what it sounds like. We can’t decide if that’s good or bad, but fortunately, we don’t have to. Check it out, learn stuff.


101 Tweeps
Robert Brewer posted 101 of the best people for writer’s to follow on Twitter. He hasn’t answered our calls about why we’re not listed… Anyway, get your tweet on.


Query Shark
One of the biggest problems in our industry is writing a solid query letter. Honestly, most folks don’t know how. No shame, no worries! It’s hard! As well, each editor likes them a little different, so it pays to do some research before you submit your boilerplate query. Query Shark will shape up your queries, if in a rather bloody way. But what do you expect from sharks?

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