Wretched Fate: Book Two of the Sam Osborne Mystery Series

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Wretched Fate: Book Two of the Sam Osborne Mystery Series

by Kelly Kobayashi

The first case in the Sam Osborne mystery series, Twist of Fate, introduced readers to private investigator Sam, his newest client Casey Lewis, and their unlikely ally Danny Jones. Barricaded into the bull’s eye of danger by a blizzard, the trio worked together to unmask the shadowy assailant who was stalking Casey with intent to kill. While Sam focused on evidence and alibies, Danny found himself bound to Casey as an amateur bodyguard… and gradually much, much more.

Now our heroes return in the greatly-anticipated second installment, Wretched Fate! This case has Sam sleuthing out the disappearance of treasured Kuan Yin statues from the home of romance novelist Jacob Hardy. These statues have been Jacob’s solace and inspiration, and their disappearance has unsettled his very structured life. Rosalie McGovern, a recently-hired typing assistant, has also disrupted his surroundings, causing Jacob to question his novels, his life’s purpose, and his sheltered heart.

Sam Osborne has been described by his creators—mother/daughter writing team F. Sharon Swope and Genilee Swope-Parente—as an ‘old-fashioned gumshoe,’ a sort of ‘tidy Columbo.’ Their books feature solid detective work and richly-developed characters with relationships that readers want to root for. Always an element of romance and a dose of danger, Sam Osborne is definitely on the case! Both Twist of Fate and Wretched Fate are available in paperback and ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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