World Zombie Day

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It’s World Zombie Day and we’re celebrating by offering some of our zombie-apocalypse fiction at a special discount.

Zombies have shambled, tumbled and charged from the sub-genre of late night gore films to front-page mainstream media. The zombie-apocalypse is a metaphor for something dark we keep hidden away in the parts of our minds where all the spiders live. The zombie apocalypse scenario stretches deep into our collective unconsciousness and squeezes. Where does that leave us as fans and writers of horror fiction? It leaves us with endless possibilities for genre-fiction in all media outlets, TV to Comics to Novellas to Video Games. So join in and take a bite out of this juicy (sticky?) sub-genre.

Eat – A Zombie Anthology
This much-lauded collection of stories is on sale for $1.99 (regularly $8.99) from Take full advantage of our zombie addled state and download your copy today.

The Darkest Age
Take your zombie fandom to the next level with The Darkest Age, a horror role-playing game. Using the common and easy to learn d20 rules system this horror roleplaying game explores a grim alternate history where the Black Plague doesn’t just kill people, but turns them into zombies! We’re offering discounts on the printed book, the PDF and the bundle!

The Darkest Age Watermarked PDF 14.99

The Darkest Age Watermarked PDF + Softcover B&W 44.99

The Darkest Age Softcover B&W 34.99

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