Wizard World Chicago

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Wizard World Chicago

Spectacle Publishing at Wizard World

Did you see us? We saw you! The Madison Spectacle Publishing team was in Chicago for the 2012 Wizard World event. In addition to great costumes, excellent shopping and junk food galore, the SPMG team talked about their first Role-Playing Game release, The Darkest Age.
“In 1354 the Black Plague killed 25 million people. Then they stood up and fed upon the living.”
Spectacle Publishing Media Group LLC, Madison Team - The Darkest Age

SPMG, Madison Team – The Darkest Age RPG at Wizard World

Written by veteran game designer, Rob Gee and science-fiction fantasy author, Eric Staggs, with art from Jeff Dewitt (among other fantastic illustrators), The Darkest Age is a d20-based role-playing game. The Darkest Age is set in 1345, during the height of the Black Plague.

The Darkest Age role-playing game takes the zombie apocalypse into a brilliantly plausible and well-researched alternate history. To learn more about The Darkest Age, check out the website or like it on Facebook.
The Names and The Faces
Wizard World was packed to bursting with famous folks, icons of nerddom and geekness of unrivaled proportion. The Spectacle Publishing team got their pictures taken with the beautiful Cindy Morgan of Tron. Not to mention meeting the great Clyde Caldwell and a slew of other talented artists too numerous to name. But take heart, they’ve been “liked” on our Facebook page.
Freakin' Zombies at Wizard World Chicago 2012

SPMG Madison Team barely escaped!

Missed Spectacle at Wizard World?
That’s too bad, but you’ll have another chance. The Spectacle Publishing team located in Madison Wisconsin will be at WisCon 2013. Never been to WisCon? Check it out! It’s the nation’s first Feminist Science-Fiction and Fantasy convention. We’ll be there showcasing books from our up and coming female authors, Alethea Eason (The Heron’s Path), Ashleigh Gavin (Birth by Fire’s Embrace) and of course we’ll have copies of The Darkest Age. See you there!



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