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by Joy Anne Shearer


Looking for a publisher? Spectacle could be the answer. The following are advantages to working with this dynamic and personalized publishing group.

At SPMG, the author and their work come first. One of the biggest indicators of this is that no agent is necessary. You can request assistance in putting together your query and you will be apprised of every move along the way. From access to staff by phone or email any time you might have a question, to workshops for your piece when it needs a few improvements to be the best it can be, Spectacle will walk you through the publishing process.

We’re writers too, so not only do we understand where you’re coming from, we’ll help you take advantage of each step so that your work will be given the attention it deserves.

SPMG is experienced in and prepared to assist you with what’s new, including eBooks and audio books. The number of readers on digital devices increases all the time—readers who the people at SPMG want to help you reach. Traditional book printing is also available.

Before your book ever hits the stands, our Public Relations and Marketing Department will work with you to develop your brand and get your name out there.

All in all, at SPMG we truly support what writers are doing and want to promote your art.
You can find more information at http://spectaclepmg.com.

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