Why Spectacle?

Why work with Spectacle Publishing instead of a larger publisher or even self-publishing? The answer is simple: we’re writers, too.

We’ve been there, seen the rejection letters, taken on the burden of bombarding the world with query letters hoping against all odds that someone will like our work. As writers, we want to make the publishing process easier, to get your stories into the hands of readers. Good writing sells itself. We’re just here to hand it out.

Our editors and marketing professionals place a strong emphasis on new media – eBooks and Audio Books. Studies say by 2014 there will be over 500 million mobile devices in circulation. Amazon reports it’s selling more eBooks than paper books. eBooks are the only environmentally responsible way to promote a love of literature. Spectacle Publishing Media Group is here to help writers take advantage of the current trends in publishing – check out our submission guidelines and send that query!

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