The Darkest Age

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The Darkest Age

by Joy Anne Shearer

Spectacle Publishing Media Group is publishing a new game developed by seasoned game designers Mark Nelson and Rob Gee, along with Eric Staggs and Julia Gengenbach. The Darkest Age is a thrilling take on the classic d20 RPG for ages 14+ and player groups of more than three, with five players being ideal.

The Darkest Age takes place in Bubonic Plague-ridden Europe. This is intriguing in itself, but the game takes us even deeper, into a dark world where the victims of the Plague rise from their deaths to feast upon the living. There are more than ten character classes, including the two new classes, among others, of Skald and Midwife. The classes of this game are part of the construction to better include and display the powers of female characters, a feature mostly unseen in other RPGs.

The illustrations in the book are stunning. They are true to the horrific nature of the story and displays figures both dead and alive twisted in the effort to defeat enemies. Cover art is by Jeff Dewitt and interior art is by Rob Gee and Mark Nelson.

Visit to find out more about the game, read an extensive article on the egalitarian nature of this unique game, and learn how to order your copy. Darkest Age will be available in both print and eBook formats soon. Check back often for updates and more!

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