Scare us (if you can)!

Posted by on August 15, 2011 in Fiction, Horror, Literature, Paranormal, Thriller, Urban Fantasy | Comments Off on Scare us (if you can)!

Spectacle Publishing is looking for some terrifying fiction to publish for Halloween. Give us your best monster stories; urban fantasy, terror, horror, vampires, ghosts, goblins, spiders, bats, werewolves and high-school teachers with long black fingernails and that thing growing on their noses!

What we’re looking for specifically:

  • Full length novels (70,000 words or more)
  • Horror/Monster fiction
  • Character driven, immersive settings with fresh plots
  • No clichés (unless they are damn clever)

Send us only your very best work. We want to publish your work, but we also want it to be successful. Our editors take great pains to make sure your work gets a fair review. If they like your work, they work with you, becoming a creative partner, getting your work in the possible shape for success. Don’t be afraid. Really. What are you waiting for? The Query Monster lives here.

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