Musical Innovations Press Release

January 14, 2013 – Lisle, NY – Spectacle Publishing Media Group (SPMG) today announced the release of “Musical Innovations from Three Different Eras: A Collection of Essays,” by Anthony L. Sanchez. This unique book is the first major publication for the Georgia native, who has over a decade of specialized training in classical music. Sanchez, a pianist and composer, also has an animated video promoting his book.

“Musical Innovations” contains a host of essays that examine the compositional aspects and influences of several markedly different composers: the Hungarian Franz Liszt (1811-1886), the 1920s French nationalist music group known as “Les Six,” and Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996). Focusing solely on the piano literature of these composers, the book attempts to dispel previous notions and correct some discrepancies by utilizing more current, accurate information.

“This book is the just latest example of the diversity in Spectacle’s products,” said Eric Staggs, Spectacle’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our editors found that working with a musician is very much like working with any author – there is skill and precision in the message which must be first and foremost in any book.”

Sanchez’s love for music resonates on every page of this book, taking readers through a detailed journey of art, composition, and history. The book is especially appealing to admirers of Music History and music students.

“Innovations’ message is clear, and professional musicians will find this book intellectually and creatively invigorating,” Staggs said.

“Musical Innovations From Three Different Eras: A Collection of Essays” is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To learn more about Anthony L. Sanchez, follow his blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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