I AM: The Miracle – Press Release

March 29, 2013 — Lisle, NY — Spectacle Publishing Media Group (SPMG), an independent book publishing company from New York, announced the March release of I Am: The Miracle by Mike Klumpp. This spiritually-based biography centers on Klumpp’s search for God’s purpose in his life and how God journeyed with him during his stint in the military, through debating taking his own life, his struggles with failure, his path to finding God, and a mission–trip to Africa, which ultimately changed the way he viewed the world — especially those that are economically disadvantaged.

“Active church–goers, those with deep spiritual roots, people questioning their faith, and anyone looking for a sense of purpose in their life need to read this book” said Eric Staggs, Chief Executive Officer at Spectacle Publishing Media Group. “Klumpp shows the reader his vulnerability throughout various stages in his life, and how that vulnerability allowed him to receive the spiritual answers he had been looking for.”

“Readers will not regret diving in to this narrative,” Staggs said.

Klumpp’s personal memoir asks readers, “If you possessed a transformed life, what miracle would you be? If you possessed the character of God, what vision would you pursue?” Throughout the book, Klumpp takes readers on a journey that ranges from his struggles with alcoholism and thoughts of suicide to his personal transformation in 2005 when he found himself “on the road to being a miracle.” He also includes a variety of parables such as David’s passion for God and Moses walking with Him — and how readers can learn from the internal obstacles they face every day.

“Remember, every life is a miracle. So live,” writes Klumpp.

“Mike’s inspirational story will touch those who are struggling to find their purpose in this beautiful thing we call life,” said Angi Gray, Supervising Editor at SPMG. “Mike’s transformations, and his determination to overcome his personal demons, allow him to give back to those that ultimately help change his life.”

All proceeds from I Am: The Miracle will go directly towards Klumpp’s efforts to help the underprivileged in several economically depressed groups overseas through the work of the East African Service and Empowerment Organization (EASEORG) and the International Fellowship North (IFN).

I Am: The Miracle is now available in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as an ebook available through Amazon. To learn more about Mike Klumpp, follow his blog, Facebook , and Twitter pages.


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