F. Sharon Swope & Genilee Swope Parente

Twist of Fate

Wretched Fate

F. Sharon Swope began writing when she was ten years old and never stopped. Except for a weekly column in her local newspaper, however, she did not seek publication until recently.  Instead, Sharon married and raised four children to become lovers of books, reading and writing. Several years ago Sharon’s youngest daughter Allyn Stotz was successful in getting her first children’s book, The Pea in Peanut Butter, published. Being 82 at the time, Sharon realized that if she was ever going to write the books she had in her mind all those years, she had better get started.  Twist of Fate, written in collaboration with her second daughter, Genilee, is her first published book. It is part of the Sam Osborne detective series now in progress. She has also published several short stories in magazines. Sharon lives with her husband Robert of sixty-four years in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Genilee Swope Parente has made her living writing and editing since she graduated from Ohio State University in Journalism in 1977. She has been a newspaper reporter, worked in public information offices for a university and a politician and managed the periodicals for several trade associations. Since 1991, Genilee has been a freelance consultant writing, editing and running magazines and newsletters for her clients. Genilee has also been writing creatively since she was ten years old and is writing her own novel series for young adults. She lives in Dumfries, Virginia with her husband Ray of 20 years and her teenage daughter Christina.

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