Now Available! Kidtropolis

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Now Available! Kidtropolis

 by Ray Brown

I was watching television one night back in 2003, and a Saturn commercial came on; the commercial showed four young adults, probably in their twenties, driving through a neighborhood in a Saturn Ion.  As they drove through the neighborhood, they noticed children jumping rope, swinging from jungle gyms, and playing all kinds of games. There were hundreds of them! Every yard was full of children.

The young adults looked on with fascination as they continued driving.  Finally they came to the end of the neighborhood, and before them was an open road and on the side of the road there was a sign that said, “NOW LEAVING CHILDHOOD, ENTERING ADULTHOOD.” The young adults turned around.

It was one of the greatest commercials I had ever seen.  What it did was cause me to reflect on an idea for a story that I had while in elementary school.  An idea that came in the form of a question really: “What if there was a town where everything was run by kids, and Adults were not allowed?”

I had forgotten about that question until I saw that commercial. At that moment Kidtropolis was born.

But it couldn’t be that simplistic; it had to be more than that.  I ran through a lot of possibilities from a mysterious island in the middle of nowhere, to another dimension.  Then my daughter asked me the dreaded question: where do babies come from?

I did what most of fathers do when their kids ask that question–I said “Go ask your mother.”

But then it hit me! What if Kidtropolis IS where babies come from?  So I started plotting and before long I had the concept fleshed out.  Kidtropolis would not only be the place where babies come from, but it would be made up of collective minds of every woman everywhere that ever desired to have kids.  So if every child in Kidtropolis is made up of a thought in their mommy’s brain, it’s the mommy that determines whether it’s a boy or a girl, and what the child will look like, its personality, and purpose. The catch: the child cannot be born until Mommy and Daddy AGREE (wink-wink).

What about the story?  I decided to tell this story through the eyes of my own daughter, who struggles with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and can’t walk normally… YET.  So I decided to send her on an adventure, a quest to not only discover the truth about where babies come from, but to discover the truth about who she is and to find the courage to become who she was born to be.

Throughout the story I have interwoven various myths we, as kids, were told about where babies come from—like the “birds and the bees,” etc.  But ultimately I wrote this book to stretch the imagination of young readers so they would know that regardless of mommies and daddies, they could be whatever they choose to be.  All they have to do is believe.

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