New Release – The Unconventional Dwarf

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New Release – The Unconventional Dwarf

The Unconventional Dwarf

The Unconventional Dwarf is the first book in the series, and it takes a hard look at one of the most pigeonholed races in Fantasy. In addition to exploring the roots of the “conventional” dwarf, this book will present you with a range of original Dwarven races and cultures that are radically different and yet all retain something basically Dwarven.

Inside you will discover:

  • The Nanogyn, a network of matriarchal tribes that broke away from male-dominated Dwarven culture and are now feared for their prowess.
  • Thalassic Dwarves, island-dwellers who have mastered the art of cave diving and possess the secret of breathing water.
  • The Mono, a deeply divided Dwarven culture built upon physical perfection, philosophical rationalism, and belief in their own superiority
  • The Anma Namdi’me, spacefaring and shape-changingDwarves, and their dark mirror, the Ib’zur Makim
  • The Pumili: a great empire that has conquered most of humankind with combination of trade, negotiation, and Romanesque military might
  • Hive Dwarves: did you know that Dwarves use spades, not axes? do you know why they sometimes forget to wear pants? you will…
  • The Gamda: a diasporic people with a rich mystical tradition that takes the influence mediaeval Hasidic and Kabbalistic Judaism had on Tolkien and makes it explicit
  • The Novus: short-lived Dwarves with a culture of ever-shifting fashions driven by an obsession with adventure and glory

Available Now through DriveThru RPG here! 

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