Learn more about Spiral of Hooves

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Learn more about Spiral of Hooves

by Yen Ooi

Roland lives up to his own pseudonym of The Silver Scribbler. Having worked as an equestrian journalist, he continues to write through his retirement, never stopping. Though Spiral of Hooves is Roland’s first published novel, his website is proof enough of his storytelling habit and all the exciting new projects to come.

Roland’s own life is a romantic fairytale, from meeting his wife and gaming partner online on Perfect World’s gamescape, to the beautiful location of their home set in breathtaking Snowdonia. But fairytales are not without difficult journeys. Though Roland has to live with the cruel effects of Multiple Sclerosis, he proves himself to be like the leading men in his stories, strong and practical, and supported by loved ones and friends.

“The white-out descended, blanketing any evidence that remained, leaving Armand bewildered and uncertain as to what he had witnessed. Now the panic was building, reawakening the haunting memory that never melted in his heart. He was back in another country, helpless as a broken body struggled for life and the blood on his hands spilled on trampled snow.”

Spiral of Hooves beautifully demonstrates Roland’s love for painting landscapes with words, while creating tension through storytelling. Something of an exposé on the competitive horse riding community, Roland’s beautiful prose will leave you romancing nature. Read this exciting novel and follow Armand Sabatier’s journey in trying to forget his painful past by creating a new life for himself on a beautiful stud farm, only to be lured by the need to uncover truths and to protect the innocent, tumbling directly into the hazards of trust, friendship, and love.

“Roland Clarke has used his expert knowledge of the equestrian world to write a thriller which skilfully weaves a story of intrigue and suspense. Love, jealousy and greed.” Paul Raper on Amazon.co.uk

“A thriller that pulls you, not only into the Armand’s world of espionage and spies, but also into the exciting world of professional equestrian competitions through Carly. A book for everyone, you’ll soon find yourself entranced by the beauty of the places and the adventure of the chase.” Penny Bigwell on Amazon.co.uk


Spiral of Hooves is currently available in ebook from Amazon worldwide and will be released in paperback soon!


Author website: http://rolandclarke.com/

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