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Holiday Press

by Merethe Walther

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas around the corner, it’s about time to start looking for some great finds for the book lovers in your life! Spectacle has you covered! Whether you’re shopping for children, or those who are just young at heart, we have an assortment of titles guaranteed to please even the pickiest of readers.


Love both engineering and the arts, but have trouble reconciling the differences between your right and left brain? Worry no more! Poetry for Engineers by Clayton Grow is sure to please the prose lovers and the analytical thinkers in your family.


curves don’t much like math.


there’s a little thing called INFINITY

the magic ingredient

in a castle full of secret serums

how do we measure a dimension

when the ruler keeps slipping?

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What do tea, spirits, and the gods have in common? They’re all things that get stirred up in Honey, a novel by Alison Lyke. When an angry ghost shows up in Honey’s shop and demands she stop brewing tea, Honey has no idea what the cataclysmic fallout will be. She stumbles on a journey through surreal planes where the very forces of the universe seem inclined to catapult the unfortunate barista right into a battle of the gods, and Honey just may rethink her day job.

As she was drifting to sleep in a blur of intoxication and leftover musical vibes, Honey swore she felt a soft shift of pressure on the mattress near her feet. At first she thought it was Seth getting into bed, but then she remembered that he was gone.

She opened her eyes and saw Jenny from the club sitting on the end of her bed. Slowly, it dawned on Honey that this wasn’t Jenny at all—this woman was older and more arrogant looking. Her lacy white dress looked like a cross between a wedding dress and a nightgown. Her black hair was wet and stringy.

“Are you Jenny, the Maxwell’s daughter?” Honey asked in dreamy confusion.

“No,” the woman said. “My name is Pearl.”

“How nice,” Honey drawled, trying to be flippant and sarcastic with the dream figure, but suddenly, she felt weepy as an overwhelming sadness crept into her. Looking closer, Honey noticed that there was something wrong with the edges of Pearl’s body. She seemed to shift in space, even though she was sitting still. The shifting made her translucent, and Honey thought she may be looking at a spirit or a ghost.

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The Darkest Age RPG

Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to get your horror fix! The Darkest Age is a new take on an age-old historical period of darkness. Journey back to medieval Europe during the plague, and play an adventurer trying to survive amidst a bedlam of erupting volcanoes, sickness, religious unrest, and…  zombie filled villages.

“In 1355, the Black Plague killed sixty-five percent of Europe’s population. Then, the dead rose and devoured those who were left.”

Plague victims rise from the grave in this tabletop RPG, and it’s up to you and your group to swath out a path to salvation or destruction through the medieval landscape like you’ve only dreamed of before. Play new characters classes, like the Reaper and the Midwife, in a world where women are figures of power, not property to be sold to the highest bidder. Fight off the angry hordes and avoid the plague zombies whose cough may be worse than their bite. Your only limit is your imagination and how well Lady Luck favors your dice

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Spectacle’s latest release in the world of RPGs is another treat for the imaginative gamer. The Unconventional Dwarf is the first installment in The Unconventional series, compiled by series editor Tof Ecklund.

What do people really know of dwarves? That they like gold? Live under mountains? They’re short? Here is a supplemental game guide that breathes new life into dwarves in a way you’d never expect. The Unconventional Dwarf attempts to question the fundamental assumptions toward this short but sturdy people, allowing gamers to reinvent the way they play with logical consistency.

Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate a current game or want inspiration for a new one, look no further than The Unconventional Dwarf. And who knows? You might learn something that you only ever took for granted.

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This holiday season share adventure, passion, and fun with your loved ones!

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