Halloween Reads

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Halloween Reads

Something for all the Ghouls and Boils…

by Merethe Walther

There is little more compelling in horror stories than the unexplained and hidden things that go ‘bump’ in the night.

And why not? Fear is a riveting source of entertainment. Why else would we sit, huddled in the dark around a television set, eyes glued to the screen, waiting for the monster or killer to jump out and scare not only the characters in the story, but also us, our pulses jumping just a *little* bit faster?

For those of you who like the thrill of being terrified, the elation of a ghost story in the cemetery, and the fright of hearing noises when you know no one is there—we’ve got a little something for you.

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling good tale, why settle just for one? Disturbing holds a collection of seven heart-hammering stories of the terrifying and the unknown. Disturbing is a compilation of the frightening; a tome of relentless, hauntingly creepy stories that leave goosebumps and uncertainty in their wake. Take a step outside of the ordinary and into a world where anything is possible, and everything is… Disturbing.

“Truce.” She carefully unhooked her arm and reached up to clasp his hand. With help, Annie climbed up, swung her leg over the railing, and dropped to her feet on the other side. An odd, shivery sensation passed between them, leaving her a little disoriented when she eventually slipped her hand from his. His remained outstretched for a moment, suspended in the space where their palms had touched, until slowly, he curled his fingers closed and let his arm drop. His gaze never wavered from hers.

Annie shifted away from his scrutiny and looked around. The dark expanse of bring yawned into the night from either side, with a single, sickly streetlamp to light the way.

Something didn’t seem quite right, though she couldn’t explain why. “So,” Annie hugged her arms to her chest to ward off the sudden chill, “What are you doing out here? Really.” Her words frosted the evening air with little clouds of white.

“Oh, you know,” he said. “Stalking.”

“Yeah, right,” she looked at him, incredulous. “And girls on bridges just so happen to be on the venue tonight, huh?”

He shrugged. “Those are the best kind, aren’t they?”

Maybe you’re hungry for something a bit more gruesome than some ghost stories? Perhaps you’ve got a craving for something more to whet your horror appetite?

How about a good old-fashioned, nail-biting, clawing, terror-inducing zombie attack to sate that craving?

Welcome to a world in which the zombie apocalypse really happened, and see it from the view of those who kill to live, and live to kill…

In Eat, witness the blood-curdling stories of both the survivors and the zombies themselves. Eat is a compilation of tales that offer a unique perspective on an age-old concept that span both the centuries and the world.

Bettani, also watching the battle below, heard it first. It was a keening wailing, something from deep within forests of nightmare, a glowing presence lit by shadows and pushed by hunger. Bettani heard the sound and shuddered. Glancing up, over the buildings along the plankway, she saw an orange glow in the distance.

“Corpselight?” she hissed. Athette’s head snapped up, her eyes wide and searching.

What would you do if you couldn’t control your urge to Eat?

I wanted to vomit the first time. I felt myself reaching out and squeezing. My mind screamed, ‘No!’ I did not stop. I crushed the larynx of my brother and ate his throat. I remember the cords and tendons, ligaments so strong, warm strings that made my mouth water. I was so ashamed. He twitched back to life with a wet gurgle as my teeth gnawed through his trachea. He feebly tried to push me away, he raked his hands across my face, his thumb dug into my eye and something popped. I felt no pain, only the hunger. The sun came up slowly, as if hesitant to expose what had transpired the night before. Sirens that had wailed through the night finally ceased. The screams and howls, the odd gunshots and crashes, the cacophony of fresh hell had faded and I heard birds. No, not birds, keys jingling. The doorknob moved. My wife was home.

This is one of many visions Spectacle PMG brings to you in a collection focusing on zombie tales and cannibal comforts. Step into these pages and you will find that the history books might be hiding something. So, too, might be the courteous neighbor down the street. With prize winning stories from Nick Pugliese and Yen Ooi, you can light a candle and enjoy well-rounded and genre-bending evenings of horror.

With tales this chilling, we can only hope that your Halloween isn’t too much of a scream…

You can purchase Disturbing here.

You will be able to purchase Eat at DriveThruRPG.com soon!

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