Author FAQ

Have a question? Check out our list below to see if it’s already been asked. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please send us a message at

Does Spectacle Publishing charge a fee for editing or publication?
No. You will NEVER be charged for proofreading, editing or publication while under contract with Spectacle. All we expect from our writers are strong, polished manuscripts and a passionate attitude about their work.

Does Spectacle Publishing print traditional books as well as eBooks?
We are first and foremost an eBook publication publishing company. However, we do understand that there is a demand for printed version of books. We have established a print-on-demand model to our publication. All books published through our company will be published in eBook format first. A book will only be selected for our print-on-demand model if there is a demand for the printed version.

How do you pay your authors?
Currently, payment for full length novels published with us is through royalties from sales. Short stories for anthologies receive copies of the printed work as well as a chance to win $100. At this time we do not offer advances.

What format should I submit my manuscript in? Is RTF okay?
RTF is fine, but we highly recommend submitting your work in a DOC format attached to an email. Please, do not place your work in the body of the email itself. For more information on formatting and submission guidelines, you can visit the Submissions portion of our website

What is your production schedule?
We have a group of hardworking and talented editors who work with our authors to produce the best novel possible. Once a book goes under contract the book will be places on our production schedule. Due to this, you can expect a 3 – 6 month delay from signing the contract until you start working with an editor.

What should I put in my query?
Queries can be tricky, but what we’re mainly looking for is a brief summary of the work, a short writer’s biography, an outline of what you plan for the work in question, and the first three chapters of the manuscript. If you’re still unsure about query formatting, there are plenty of resources online that could help.

What genres does Spectacle publish?
We are open to just about anything! We are currently seeking manuscripts for novels in various genres including psychological thrillers, romance, horror, scifi, fantasy, young adult and children’s books. We also consider works of non-fiction. If you have any questions or doubts about the genre of your work, please send us a message and we’ll do our best to help.

Is there an age limit for authors seeking publication with Spectacle?
Due to legal procedures, we do require authors to be at least 18 years old when submitting for publication.

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