Coming Soon: The Unconventional Dwarf

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Whether you’re a participant of RPGs or an artist with a need for world development material, The Unconventional Dwarf will give you an expanded idea of what dwarfs have to offer any fantastical world. The Unconventional Dwarf is the first in a series created by university professor Tof Eckland and written by a diverse group with varying interests in roleplaying games, fantasy stories, and game writing. The idea behind The Unconventional is to take the foundations of conventional ideas—the clichés, that surround fantasy roles—and turn them inside out to glean new characters, new mythologies, and by extension, new worlds.

SPMG welcomes you to peruse Dwarven races such as The Nanogyn, composed of matriarchal tribes feared for their prowess, Thalassic Dwarves who are cave divers and hold the secret of breathing underwater, and The Anma Namdi’me, a spacefaring and shape-changing dwarf, among many others.

Find out more about The Unconventional project on their website:,

Or on their Facebook page:

Look for the book to be released from SPMG soon!

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