Working with Spectacle — Marketing & PR department

Demand is one of the most important aspects of getting a book sold. A lot of demand depends on authors, however having a great person in place within the Marketing & PR department to help authors along is one of Spectacle’s top priorities. We are excited to announce we have an opening for a Marketing & PR Director as well as Marketing/PR Interns. Director The position is a potential equity partner position. We want to make sure that we get the right person in the position as well as the company being the right position for the applicant, therefore, the applicant will work in a trial period as an intern. During the trial period, you will learn how our company works, what our vision is for our growth and what our expectations are. We will learn what you are capable of as well as how your creative style and ideas can help the company grow. We are looking for an individual who is committed and hardworking to join our startup organization. The position is part-time, where all partners are working their positions outside of their “day jobs”. This is a remote position done over the internet. We have one weekly meeting done through video conference. Some duties might be: Marketing of the company brands Creating and submitting press releases Creative thinking of how to create demand for products Research and contact bookstores in author locations for book signing Manage PR/Marketing staff (this is a duty of the partnership not intern trial period) Requirements: Must have experience in Marketing/PR. Must have a college degree in some form of Marketing or PR. This position is an important position with the company. We are looking to move forward and get our name out there. We are looking for someone who can think outside of the box in marketing and PR. You must be a self-starter. This is a big requirement for the partnership as the senior partners want a partner who has the ability to complete tasks without the micromanaging. This is the perfect position for someone who has big ideas on a little budget. Interns We are looking for individuals who are excited, hardworking and willing to learn. Interns work along side of our company executive level employees to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. This is a remote position done over the internet. We have one weekly meeting done through video conference. Some duties you may be involved in are: Research newspapers, magazines and other media outlets for press release submissions. Help create press releases. Implement author PR schedules. Help authors develop their online presence. Developing and executing marketing plans for various projects. Help develop effective sales programs for...

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