Wretched Fate

by F Sharon Swope & Genilee Swope Parente

“It seems that a rich and famous author has some valuable statues that keep disappearing from his house. His very secure house. His extremely locked up house that no one goes into except one long-time servant and the author’s agent. There have been four robberies in four months and he’s distraught about the disappearances. He’s filed a police report, but it’s not exactly a priority at headquarters.” Chuckling softly, she added, “Like I said, sounds like a Sam Osborne case.” Sam Osborne and his secretary, Casey Jones, join us once again in the second book of the Sam Osborne Detective Series, where Sam takes on the job of sleuthing out the disappearance of valuable Kuan Yin statues from the home of successful romance novelist Jacob Hardy. Jacob seldom smiles and seldom becomes angry. In fact, he is very much like one of the statues he collects-cold to the touch, but beautiful in appearance. These statues have been Jacob’s solace and inspiration, a gift to himself, and their disappearance has unsettled his very structured life. Rosalie McGovern wasn’t certain if it was the house or just her nerves, but she was trembling. A typing assistant hired at the suggestion of Jacob’s agent, Rosalie has disrupted his surroundings even more, causing Jacob to question his novels, his life’s purpose, and most of all, his sheltered heart. Sam puts everyone in Jacob’s life on a list of suspects to discover who could be behind the thievery of Jacob’s statues, and surprising everyone, something a little Wretched comes along…

— — —

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