Twist of Fate

Twist of Fateby Genilee Swope Parente and F. Sharon Swope

Twist of Fate is the first installment in the exciting Sam Osborne detective series. Private investigator Sam Osborne is still setting up his new office when he gets a call from young heiress Casey Lewis asking him to investigate several recent attempts on her life. Twenty-year-old Casey is wheelchair-bound, the use of her legs taken in the same wreck that killed her parents just after her father changed his will to leave his business and fortune to her. Now, on the eve of full inheritance, someone is trying to kill her. Danny Jones has been homeless since he was a child. His long-time protector has died, leaving him completely on his own. With a large storm bearing down on the DC Metro area, he takes refuge in s boxcar, only to wake far away; stranded in one of the worst blizzards to hit the area in years, a twist-of-fate brings Danny to Casey’s side just in time to save her from another attempt in her life.

Through the dark days of the storm, Casey and Danny work together to survive. As the storm passes, the clock starts ticking in a race to find who is trying to kill Casey before they succeed.
Sam works feverishly while Danny stands ready to protect Casey from any threat, and all the while Casey and Danny’s feelings for each other grow.

Will Sam uncover the plot against Casey in time, or will the budding love between Danny and Casey be cut short by tragedy?

— — —

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