The Empty Box

by Maria Goretti Sanchez

Fantastic news for those of you dreading a return to the doldrums of every day life as this holiday season comes to a close. The twelfth day of Christmas isn’t until January 6th. That is when a very special (and in some countries, a quite epic) celebration called El Dia de Los Reyes takes place. Known in English as Three Kings’ Day or The Feast of the Epiphany, this is a holiday steeped in traditions, stories, music, culture and presents. Did I mention presents?

In honor of El Dia de Los Reyes, Spectacle is offering a very special bilingual children’s book called “La Caja Basia/ The Empty Box.” This book features hand-drawn illustrations by Freddy Sanchez with a Spanish storyline by Maria Goretti Sanchez, translated into English by Ditrie Sanchez. A labor of love, come see what Manuel and Maria are up to this Dia de Los Reyes and join in the magic from my family to yours.

Freddy Sanchez (Illustrator), Ditrie Sanchez (Translator)

— — —

Buy The Empty Box on Amazon (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Nook). SmashWords & ibooks (coming soon)



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