The Bride Price

by Sean Patrick Little

Guard Constable Canby Simon confronts the inequities of privilege, money, power and evil as he investigates the murder of a young woman, determined to bring her murderer to justice. Still new as the appointed guard constable, the last thing Canby Simon needs is a dead girl just outside the walls of Red City. That she is the daughter of a wealthy merchant only complicates matters. Then there is the discovery that the girl had fallen in with cultists and was much more than the innocent victim of a murder. With news of the girl’s death working its way around the Red City, Simon is forced to confront more deaths—unsolved cases left for him by his predecessor. Simon realizes that a serial killer may be working in the Red City. As he probes the girl’s death, he begins to uncover the reality behind the traditional marriage rituals of the Red City and learns that the crimes may be linked to impending nuptials. As the investigation progresses, Simon’s best friend is implicated in the murder and indicted for the crime on questionable evidence. Unless Simon finds the real killer, his friend will swing for the crime. Too many girls have died; Simon needs to find the killer before another girl pays the price.

— — —

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