Poetry for Engineers or Engineering for Poets

by Clayton Grow

Engineering and poetry: they go together like, well… they don’t really go together. Or so we thought.

This collection of poems is a juxtaposition of art on top of science, math mixed with metaphor, and explanation peppered with alliteration. While touching on technical topics such as calculus, probability, specifications, and wastewater treatment, these poems also allude to many of the emotions engineers experience in their education and careers.

The author, a professional engineer and wannabe poet, painstakingly clacked out each poem on real paper, using a 1930’s-era typewriter. The old-school instrument with which these poems were written only adds to their inherent contradiction. Imperfections and corrections remain in the final version: a testament to the author’s analog thought process that formed each poem.

Even if the reader is not familiar with the engineering topic that serves as the subject of the poem, the verbal imagery formed on each page paints an abstract mental canvas, leaving the reader intrigued and pondering what it might mean. Each poem is a new topic; each topic is used repeatedly during an engineer’s career.

— — —

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