I AM: The Miracle

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Mike Klumpp is many things, writer, poet, teacher, actor, sensei, consultant, and even centrifuge technician. In I Am: The Miracle, Mike tells how he came to be the most important thing of all, the Miracle. Like many, Mike’s life had high and low points. At its lowest point, debt and doubt planted there seeds and festered into every corner. Trusting in God, he allowed his life to be guided by Him to overcome the difficulties. Inside the angel of death sat in black with her mother negotiating a time of departure, “you could tell something was wrong …” The wings draped still at the side of the messenger, concern in her eyes. “I will help you – I will remove all pain. Tell me what you want.” “Care for my children, they have nothing.” For many, thoughts of suicide come easily during times of debt, doubt, and pain. Mike was no different as he sat alone, drowning his pain in drink, plotting his own demise. In contemplation, during what would have been his last moments, he came to glimpse the mysterious ways in which God, the Savior, works. In the journey to knowing God, experiencing Him, and finally allowing Him to be part of his life, Mike rode a roller-coaster, battling every obstacle and cherishing every calm moment, before discovering the purpose of his life. The journey brought him to secluded parts of the country and across continents, where he discovered a spectrum of characters with the same purpose: to survive. A three part book, I Am: The Miracle begins with the journey this humble father from Texas took that led him into a small village in the depths of Africa called Lemoru. Through faith and perseverance, his journey delivered help, touched the lives of thousands, and nurtured new relationships of true friendship across the continents. I Am: The Miracle is a beautifully written memoir sprinkled with poetry and anecdotes. This book serves to further support those in need as proceeds will go directly towards efforts to help the underprivileged in various groups overseas. This is managed through Mike’s charity, the East African Service and Empowerment Organization (EASE: http://easeorg.com), which has recently expanded to include impoverished areas in Asia, and his current church in Hong Kong, the International Fellowship North (IFN).

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