by Pugliese Nick & Ooi Yen 

Check out this sample from the upcoming zombie horror novel, Eat, from Spectacle Publishing:

“I wanted to vomit the first time. I felt myself reaching out and squeezing. My mind screamed, ‘No!’ I did not stop. I crushed the larynx of my brother and ate his throat. I remember the cords and tendons, ligaments so strong, warm strings that made my mouth water. I was so ashamed. He twitched back to life with a wet gurgle as my teeth gnawed through his trachea. He feebly tried to push me away, he raked his hands across my face, his thumb dug into my eye and something popped. I felt no pain, only the hunger. The sun came up slowly, as if hesitant to expose what had transpired the night before. Sirens that had wailed through the night finally ceased. The screams and howls, the odd gunshots and crashes, the cacophony of fresh hell had faded and I heard birds. No, not birds, keys jingling. The door knob moved. My wife was home.”

Saathoff Jared (Editor)

— — —

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