About Spectacle

Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC is the culmination of experience, know-how, and intrepid dreams. Founded and run by a skilled team of book specialists who put writing in the heart of their work, we can help you share your stories with the world, through the publication of ebooks and traditional print publications.

Founded on the principle belief that great writing sells itself, SPMG is not your typical publishing company. We love to work with new authors and are here to help those just entering the publishing industry. We understand that every author’s needs are different, and so, our team of experienced book specialists are able to work flexibly, to ensure that you book is the best it can be, while allowing you, the author, to maintain control over all aspects of your creation.

In a world where social media drives conversations, SPMG realises that writers need to be at the forefront of their creations, nurturing their own audiences and fans. Whether you are an experienced online marketer or a tech rookie, SPMG will be able to help you through the entire process, from editing, to publishing, to marketing.

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